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Whirlpool Galaxy ' To celebrate its 15th anniversary, the Hubble Spoce Telescope photo- graphs the majestic spiral M5L Reports and Photos from April's COLORFUL SOLAR ECLIPSE M DEEP-SKY WOriln n VI r & TELESCOPE Hunger br -no-jrhhw Qrerirg Satisfy yobr visual craving foi $horp, high confras« images wirh o sel Bcriopi of Tele Vue eyepieces.

SI(VDnd Tclifi«opc,coiiii SPECIAL SECTION: OPTIMIZING YOUR EYES for Astronomy * Custom Eyeglasses for Night Viewing * Is LASIK Surgery Sofefor Storgazers?

S(Hy liuy, SX Iwlf pilkr, ^ bb Oe occessofy pbro ^ rai MB'F/? Vixen It 45 - 469 ' 866 G 32 flkoy Drive^, Chester^ NY 109 t S A Division of Tele Vue Optics, Inc J Rd Vanced GCD Imaging Softaiare Mdtlm nl i« to ji I. fien inesupensne GOTO telescopes can achieve arcminulf-le\el pn*n1 ifig accuracy. So you may be surprised to) cam that when \ bok up into the skv on a clear, dadt night away f funt city lights, [ see more stars than I ever recall seeing in my youlhr The secret to my Tjcwfound success as a constellation spotter is a special pair of glas-ies that ovcrcorrcct my dis- tance vision.

_ I f • pou^Hul CCD im^irt^packai^aii'Ailjihle tirfav, Cftntrfjl yotir ^ire n Wr\''arorj;, voor ima^. W'atit an alarm lo wake ytsu up when Ihe skies clear? T can''t use them during the daytime — they make everything a blur, but at night they enable me to see stars about a half ntagnitude fainter than the dimmest ones I can discern with my negnjiar glasses on, They also enable me to resolve the Double Cluster in Ptrscus into two dis- tinct knots, see the Pleiades as a “little dipper’ of six to eight stars , and pick out faint Alcoi ncxi to bright Mizar in the Handle of the Big Dipper — something 1 hadn't been able to da SLnce 1 was about 12 years old.

The popularity of apochromafic refractors, Ritchey- Chretien refiecter B, and premium eyepieces shows that asttoooniy enthusiasts will spend large sums to put the best possible optics between our eyes and the skies, Now it's possible to cohance our night sight with corrective lenses and even to fane-time our eyeballs.

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He agreed, and when 1 took my new stargazing eyeglasses to a dark site for the first time, 1 saw a wba I e new shy.

Whether you're grabbing a pre-bedtime 'quickie' or on 'ui H]lkiightef' the ivew k/jren Sp/i/njf ¥fitf\ St Of Sod mokes your obserrirtg sessrorrs easier and a lot more fun. ' a sequence o T commands and then Apply * 1 ^ il to rmjllipte images, , “ ■’ . fron t and couldn't read ihc blackboard , Over the past three decades my nearsightedness has stead Uy worsened, aoconipaoied by an increasing amount of astij^matism.

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